Frequently Asked Questions

01 FAQ How can I be sure my paper will be written according to my requirements?
Students usually have a doubt whether their paper will be written with requirements they have provided. We admire your doubt regarding essay writing services and we promise that we will be writing your paper by concentrating on your requirements very closely. We present our client’s free drafts and you can understand with the free draft whether we are planning to write with all requirements specified by you. Consequently, you are able to know whether our service can meet your requirements specified by you and can order for the final paper only if you are pleased with our service.
02 FAQ How do you avoid plagiarism?
A lot of students are worried about plagiarism. Essays Outlet shares your concern and ensures our papers are plagiarism-free. We have strict policies on plagiarism that our writers have to adhere to.  We also check all the completed papers written for our clients with a standard plagiarism checker before delivering the final paper to our clients.
03 FAQ What are your guarantees?
We guarantee custom essays/papers written by professional writers and that are free of plagiarism. We also guarantee on-time delivery and customer support in case there are any issues. What we cannot guarantee is the outcome of the essay i.e. the grade you will receive nor can we guarantee you will 100% satisfied. That said, more than 20,000 students are satisfied with our work so we can stand by this as a testament to the quality of the service Essays Outlet provides. Finally, we recommend that you use each essay we provide as a base which you can then edit and use to incorporate your own ideas. You can of course submit it as is but we strongly recommend that you dont since after all- education is about your own ability to learn!
04 FAQ Who are your writers?
We employ writers only from English speaking countries, mainly the US and Canada, but sometimes from the UK, Ireland and Australia. If you submit from the USA you don’t need to worry – all papers will be in American English!
05 FAQ Are your writers qualified?
Yes absolutely. Well educated and qualified is our strong point as a profession essay writing service. All of our writers are Master’s and PhD holders.
06 FAQ Will You Share My Personal Details With Others?
No. We will not share your personal details with anyone. We value your personal information and understand the importance of keeping the personal details of our clients private. Being a custom essay writing service on the web, we consider that sharing our clients’ personal identity to third parties is against our code of ethics and we will never do it under any circumstances.
07 FAQ Do Your Writers Write My Essay As Per My Requirements?
Yes. Our writers will write your paper according to your requirements. The writers at Essays Outlet are professionals and experienced in handling the assignments of students of all academic levels. They know that there is a need to strictly follow the demands and requirements of the clients in order for them to receive top grades for their assignments.
08 FAQ How Can I Believe Your Service?
It is a fair question. We have been providing custom essay writing service for the past 10 years and we have the experience required to manage your all level of academic papers. We offer a free outline or free draft service with the aim of making our clients understand the quality of our writing even before they place an order with us. You can test our free draft service and our writers so that you can believe us completely before making the payment for your paper.
09 FAQ Will You Provide Me Previously Written, Recycled Essay?
No. We will never provide you with previously written paper.
Every paper is custom made according to the requirements you submit. We are a professional essay writing service and we will not cheat our clients by delivering them a paper that was written for another client. On top of this, it would create a problem for both of us since any already used paper would show up in plagiarism databases.
We have expert essay writers who will write fresh papers based on your requirements and they will ensure you receive a paper that is written uniquely for you.
10 FAQ Will You Deliver My Essay on Time?
We promise to deliver the paper according to the agreed deadline. That said, there may arise occasions when our writers require more time to complete your work and in that case, we will ask you to extend the deadline. To ensure we meet your deadline, please provide a few working days rather than hours. We can deliver a paper within a few hours of receiving e.g. 10 pages with a deadline of 6 hours but if our writer has questions or needs further clarifications we will need to extend the deadline. As such, please be sure to submit realistic requirements and be as detailed and clear as possible. Please also allow at least a few days before the assignment is due!